johnny tisdale
moving the needle forward


Ecological sustainability
I strive to minimize my environmental impact.
Freedom of information
I believe that, in general, information should be free.
Goal-directed behavior
I strive to spend my time working toward my goals.
Lifelong learning
Learning should not stop when one graduates. I strive to continue learning throughout my life.
I strive to harm no sentient beings.
This is perhaps my most important value. I strive to keep my mind open to all possibilities.
I believe that the scientific approach, which combines rationalism and empiricism and encourages skepticism and experimentation, is the best system that humans have developed for understanding reality.
I strive to reach my full potential.
Self-directed learning
I am an autodidact.
I'm a bit stoic by nature. I do not want to be ruled by the desire for immediate gratification because experience has shown that living in such a way does not result in lasting happiness.
"No man is an island." Nonetheless, I strive to be as self-reliant as possible.
Systems are beautiful. Systems bring order to chaos. I strive to think systematically and develop systems to improve the quality of life for myself and others.
I am an enthusiastic proponent of using technology to augment the human mind and body.