Note: I did not develop/design all of these websites from the ground up. See the bullet points corresponding to each website to discern my contribution.

Dowe Law Firm

  • Developed and designed two websites (and a landing page) from the ground up.
  • Maintained websites.
  • Created content, including blog posts.
  • Managed a Google AdWords campaign.

Danielle Zeigler LLC

  • Performed subcontract work on several previously existing client websites.
  • Tasks ranged from troubleshooting DNS issues to custom-coding WordPress themes, widgets, and plugins.

Danielle Zeigler

Danielle Dowling

Catherine Cassidy

Morgan Northway

The Runner Beans

Helicity Montgomery

  • Developed a website.

Capitol Heights Civic Association

  • Developed a website.

Clowns Unlimited

  • Maintained a website.
  • Developed a back-end web application for the addition of new products and services to an online store.